The principles and values we believe in to foster our culture and contribute our valuable time and effort to make a positive influence collectively.




Design and develop ecommerce and microsite

Founder, Kei Tseng, partnered with friends and started to take on side hustle to design and develop ecommerce and microsite for a few clients.

Mid 2014

Founded Thyhive Studio and started to incubate in-house project

Officially founded Thyhive Studio and shifted our focus to incubate the in-house project and bootstrap a team of three to work on Project Digiprint.

2015 - Mid 2015

Project Digiprint Beta launched

Project Digiprint Beta launched and presented demo in talks. Hardly gained business traction so the project and studio came to a halt.

Mid 2015 - Mid 2017

Hibernated for two years

Founder, Kei Tseng, decided to take a step back to self-reflect and learn from the mistakes to further the practice by pursuing for MFA IxD.

Mid 2017

Define the core and reinitiate

Thyhive Studio defined the core values and principles to foster its culture and the future projects that it incubates in-house.

Mid 2017 - Present

Incubating M Line Furniture Co

The first project that drives from our core. Time-share furniture membership for micro space minimal living in urban cities. Striving to provide an alternative for equal opportunity of better living experience. Brings the consumers together to make a positive influence collectively.