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Family and friends can order a batch of goods as a group to reduce carbon footprint.

Today we are facing the climate change problem globally. How might we bring together the users effort collectively as a community to reduce the carbon footprint by designing a platform so family and friends can order goods as a group to minimize transportation impact and also help to support the local vendor and produce.

Order Platform

In Development

Refill supplies and reduce packaging waste by making a request with the mobile access points through the app.

Today because of 'convenience', goods are packaged and mostly in plastic due to cost. Ever since China stopped to take the recycling waste, we have to start dealing with it internally and unfortunately the problem finally surfaced since only around 30% of recyclable are actually being recycled due to the high amount of consumption. So the challenge is to be part of the zero waste movement and improve the experience of refilling in order to resolve the plastic crisis.

Refill Service

In Exploration

Subscribe to become a shareholder with local farmers with sustainable and regenerative practice.

Today there is a problem in the grocery industry with produce sitting on the shelf and being wasted. What if we can improve the transparency in community-supported agriculture to build the relationship between the farmer and consumer. Selective farmers committed to nurturing their soils so it is fertile for years to come. Consumer becoming shareholder and pre-pay for the seasonal produce based on expert advise from the farmers.

Farm Platform